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If you are looking to get the most our of your fitness, you need a Certified Personal Trainer. Lori Nicholls is a wife and mother, so she knows the importance first hand of having a refined workout routine to follow; one that fits into your life.

After having three children and trying many diets and exercise routines, Lori finally decided to hire a personal trainer, this is when she started getting results...

Having personally lost over 50 pounds since starting with a Personal Trainer, Lori pursued the profession of being a professional in the field.

"I struggled with my weight for years, especially after having children, as my life was so busy it was all I could do to keep my family life in order. When I decided to go back to the gym, I hired a personal trainer, this is when I was finally on the road to success."

If you are looking to lose some weight, learn how to workout properly, or just need someone to kick you in the butt, then you should hire a personal trainer. Delta Personal Training is a local business in Delta B.C. and is ready to serve all your fitness needs.

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  1. I have worked with Lori for some time now. My weight and general fitness has gone up and down over the years, but now I understand fitness as a lifestyle, instead of something I need to do to lose some weight. Thanks Lori!


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"I have been married for twenty-five years, have three girls, two dogs, fish and a whole lot of laundry. Again, if I can - you definitely can!" - Lori Nicholls